Signal Outdoor Advertising d/b/a Insite Street Media has been awarded a new three year contract to continue maintaining the bus benches in Miami Dade County. Signal has been the vendor for Miami Dade Transit for the past 11 years and is excited to continue the excellent relationship that has been established. Thank you for the confidence that you have placed in us once again.

With almost 1800 bus benches in the unincorporated area of Miami Dade County, it is second only to Los Angeles with the number of units that serve bus passengers. This requires a company with the ability to maintain the bench program that includes installing and maintaining the benches, regular cleaning and trash removal, and sell the advertising space to cover the cost of the program. Signal is that company, and along with Miami Dade Transit, we will work to enhance the ridership experience for the unincorporated area of Miami Dade County.