Atlanta Metro

The Atlanta Metro Area

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InSite Street Media is pleased to be able to offer coverage in the highly desirable Atlanta suburbs, Cobb and Gwinnett.

Located 19 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta, Cobb County is home to 755,865 people residing in distinct communities, each with its own cultural hangouts, family-friendly neighborhoods, top-notch recreational assets, high-performing schools and thriving business environments.

Cobb County has the highest educated residents in the state of Georgia. 29 percent of residents have a bachelor’s degree and 15 percent of residents have a graduate or professional degree.

Fortune 500 companies such as The Home Depot, Genuine Parts Company and HD Supply Holdings Inc. headquarter in Cobb County. Cobb is also home to GE Energy, the Atlanta Braves, Comcast, Atlanta United FC, Atlanta Blaze, Aaron’s Rents, and RaceTrac.

The median income for a household is $75,654 and the per capita income for the county was $36,587. The median age is 36.6 and in 2016, the number of millennials grew by 26%. Cobb’s ethnicity demographics are 51.5% White (non-Hispanic), 28.7% Black (non-Hispanic), 13.2% Hispanic/Latino, and 5.6% Asian.

The average commute time to work is 31.4 minutes.


Located 31 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, Gwinnett County is home to 973,693 people. Gwinnett has been one of the fastest-growing counties in America for several decades and is the 2nd most populous and diverse counties in the state.

Gwinnett caters to domestic and international businesses of all sizes and works to promote its targeted sectors: Advanced Manufacturing; Professional & Corporate Services; Health Sciences & Services; Information & Technology Solutions; and Supply Chain Management. More than 60 internationally based business call Gwinnett home. Three major shopping malls anchor the retail sector.

The median income for a household is $68,914 and the per capita income for the county was $27,945. The median age is 35.2. Gwinnett’s ethnicity demographics are 36.3% White (non-Hispanic), 29.3% Black (non-Hispanic), 21.5% Hispanic/Latino, and 12.4% Asian.

The average commute time to work is 33.1 minutes.

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The Atlanta DMA is the 9th most populous metropolitan area with 5,138,223 residents. Called the South’s “Shining Star”, Atlanta is a vibrant city with an outstanding quality of life. The metropolitan Atlanta area is home to the world’s busiest airport and 13 Fortune 500 companies.